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KCQ = Key terms, Connections, Questions *** SN = Summary Notes ***ATI = Add To It Notes
Beginning of First Semester
Pg. # Left Pages Pg. # Right Pages
x   ---- 1   All about me
2   a. Syllabus Processing Assignment
b. Syllabus Cheat Sheet Sticker
3   DVHS Chemistry Course Outline
4   Lab Equipment Scavenger Hunt
5   a. Notes on Safety Video
b. Safety Contract
6   The Left Side 7   The Right Side
8   Left vs Right Processing Activity 9   Extra Processing Techniques
10   Overview of Interactive Notebook Requirements 11   Small Project Grading Rubric
12   Costa's House 13   Common Types of Notes
14   Unit #1 - THE ATOM - Unit Intro Page 15   Cross Cutting Concepts and Quiz Pocket
          Atomic Structure
16   Atomic Model Card Sort Drawings
(See Mrs. Farmer for the card activity if absent)
17   KCQ - History of Atomic Models Video Notes
Video #1 shown in class, Video #2 extra
Rutherford's Gold Foil Video
18   Scientific Notation WS 19   Math Break - Metric System
KCQ - Scientific Notation and the Metric System
20   Metric Mania 21   Math Break - Metric ConversiSons
a. Metric Conversions
b. Metric Staircase and Metric Drawing
22   Atomic Size Math Qs 23   a) ATI - Measuring the atom
b) Atomic Size Chart
Video #1, Video #2, Video #3
---     ---   Atomic Calculations
24   Atomic Number Practice 25   KCQ - Atomic Number and Isotopes
26   a. Post Activity Extension - Ions
b. Ions - when p does not equal e
27   Atomic Number and Isotope Lab Activity
28   Molar Mass WS 29   KCQ - The Mole and Molar Mass
30   a. Conversion Factor Table
b. Single Unit Dimensional Analysis WS
31   Math Break - Dimensional Analysis
KCQ - Dimensional Analysis - Single Unit
32   Double Unit Dimensional Analysis WS 33   KCQ - Dimensional Analysis - Double Units
34   How many particles of chalk? 35   KCQ - Molar Conversions - Moles/Mass,
36   Molar Conversions WS
37   KCQ - Molar Conversions - Moles/Particles
---     ---   The Electrons
38   Science Photo Project 39   Drawing Orbitals, Electron Cloud Model, Pictures of Orbitals
40   Electron Configuration Rule Summary Chart 41   a. KCQ - Writing Electron Configurations
b. Electron Configuration Rules
42   Orbital Diagram Chart 43   a. Electron Configuration Class Practice
b. Orbital Diagram Notes
44   Electron Configuration Practice 45   a. Periodic Table Trick for Electron Config.
b. Electron Configuration Periodic Table.
46   "Fun" Molar Conversion Problems 47   Chewing Gum Lab
48   Flame Test Lab 49   a. ATI - Atomic Absorption and Emission
b. Flame Test Prelab
50   Evidence of 30 minutes of self review using the Resources Tab 51   Benchmark Review Topics and Study Plan
52   Work for Benchmark Review Questions 53   Benchmark Review Q's
54   Unit #2 - NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY 55   Cross Cutting Concepts
          Types of Nuclear Reactions
56   Crash Course Video Notes
57   a. KCQ - Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry
b. Nuclear Chem Summary Table
58   Writing Nuclear Equations WS #1 59   KCQ - Writing Nuclear Equations
60   Extra Nuclear Equations Practice 61   Nuclear Equations Class Practice
62   Decay Series Practice #2 63   Decay Series Practice #1
          Half Life
64   Half Life Calculations WS 65   KCQ - Half Life
66   Researching a Topic 67   Half Life of Candium Lab
68   Extra Half Life Problems with Graphs 69   Half Life Calculations WS #2
70   Unit #3 - PERIODIC TABLE 71   Cross Cutting Concepts
72   a. Periodic Table Documentary Notes
b. Crash Course Periodic Table Notes
73   The Alien Periodic Table
74   a. Periodic Table Groups (blank copy)
(picture of them actually colored in)
Understanding Periods and Groups
75   KCQs - The Structure of the Periodic Table
a) Periodic Table Structure Note Sheet
b) Scientist Pictures
c) Mini Periodic Table
76   Periodic Table's Most Wanted 77   Find Someone Who...
Who Am I?
          Periodic Trends
78   Periodic Trends WS #1,
79   KCQs - Periodic Trends
b. Note Taking Sheet
80   Periodic Trends WS #3 81   Periodic Trends WS #2
82   Hand written answers to Lab Questions 83   a. Periodic Trends Mini Lab PRELAB
(not done this year)

b. Periodic Trends Lab Handout
84   Periodic Table "Master Copy" (blank copy)
List of things we can see on the periodic table.
85   Periodic Table Review
86   Review Topic Boxes 87   Exam 2 Study Plan and Study Topics
88   Work for Benchmark Review Topics 89   Benchmark Review Questions
91   Cross Cutting Concepts
          Types of Matter
92   Envelope with Ion Flash Cards 93   Common Ion Sheet - Use your transparency Sheet to help you study your ions!
94   Types of Bonds Webquest 95   Conductivity Investigation
96   Types of Bonds Fold-Up
97   KCQ - Intro to Bonding
          Naming and Formulas
98   Bonding and Ionic Naming Worksheet 99   a. Naming Ionic Compounds Reading
b. Notes on Naming Ionic Compounds
100   Naming Covalent Molecules WS 101   a. Covalent Naming Instruction Sheet
b. KCQ - Naming Covalent Molecules
102   a. Writing Neutral Compounds WS
Writing Neutral Compounds T-Chart Practice
103   a. KCQ - Writing Neutral Compounds
- Note Take Sheet
b. Neutral Compound Chart
Crossing over T-Chart
104   Pocket with mixed naming and formula practice (See Mrs. Farmer for packet)
Naming and Formula Activities
105   Bonding with a Classmate
106   Glued in and Labeled Puzzle Pieces from p.107
107   Ion Puzzle Handout
          Drawing Molecules and Compounds
Lewis Stuctures of Atoms and Ions WS KCQ - Lewis Dot Diagrams of atoms and ions and ionic compounds
108   Lewis Structures with Single Bonds WS 109   KCQ - Lewis Dot Diagrams for single bonds
111   Cross Cutting Concepts Summary Page
112   Topic Brain Dump 113   Final Exam Topics and Ranking
114   Work for Chunk #1 115   Final Exam Practice Problems Chunk #1
116   Work for Chunk #2 117   Final Exam Practice Problems Chunk #2
118   Work for Chunk #3 119   Final Exam Practice Problems Chunk #3
120   Corrections for Practice Test 121   Giant Practice Test
122   Evidence of 60 minutes of self study 123   Pocket for 4"x6" Index Card
--- Second Semester Divider --- Second Semester Divider
124   Lewis Structures for
Double and Triple Bonds WS
125   KCQ - Lewis Dot Diagrams for double and triple bonds
126   Three Poems - instructions attached 127   Lewis Diagram Info Sheet
128   Lewis Structure WS #1- (page 2) 129   Lewis Structure WS #1 - (page 1)
130   Lewis Structure WS #2 - (page 2) 131   Lewis Structure WS #2 - (page 1)
133   Cross Cutting Concepts
134   Polarity Example Chart 135   a. KCQ - Polarity
b. Polarity Flow Chart
136   Intermolecular Forces Tasks 137   KCQ - Properties due to Intermolecular Forces
138   IMF Example Chart 139   a. KCQ - Types of IMFs
b. IMF Flow Chart
c. Crash Course Video
d. IMF Examples
140   Real Life IMF Examples Assignment and Reading 141   a. KCQ - Special Examples of IMFs and Bulk Properties
b. AT CG Base Pairs for Highlighting
142 IMF Photo Project 143   IMF Fold Up
144   IMF Ranking and Sorting Worksheet 145   IMF and Polarity Sorting Activity
Handout and Cards
146   Unit #6 - REACTIONS 147   Cross Cutting Concepts
          Balancing Equations
148   Snowman Balancing 149 a part 1   a. KCQ - Balancing Equations "Add To It Notes" - Part 1 --- Part 2
b. Rules of Balancing Equations
c. Practice Problems
149 the rest
150   Balancing WS #2
151   Balancing WS #1
152   Balancing Word Eq (only words given) 153   Balancing Word Equations (formulas included)
          Types of Chemical Reactions
154   Physical and Chemical Changes WS 155   a. KCQ - Phases and Changes
b. Phases Info Sheet
156   Post Lab Questions 157   Signs of a Chemical Reaction and Conservation of Matter Lab
"What do you notice?" Quick Write -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
"What do you notice?" Posters -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
158   Types of Rxns WS 159   a. KCQ - Types of Rxns (ppt) (note sheet)
160   Types of Reactions Lab 161   Types of Rxns Flow Chart
162   Predicting Products Practice 163   Types of Reactions and Predicting Products Activity Sheet
Precipitation Post Lab Questions
Precipitation Lab Handout
164   Exam #1 Topic Mind Map
Exam #1 Practice Test
165   Exam #1 Review Topics and Study Plan
166   Work shown for Chunk 1 Problems 167   Exam #1 Chunk 1 Review Problems
168   Exam #1 Chunk 3 Review Problems 169   Exam #1 Chunk 2 Review Problems
170   Unit #7 - STOICHIOMETRY 171   Cross Cutting Concepts
172   Review of dimensional analysis, metric conversions, molar mass & molar conversions 173   The Mole Highway Puzzle ( puzzle pieces added to as we go through the chapter) (Final Version)
174   Pocket with work for: Molar Conversion Practice Mega WS 175   Moles of Gasoline Challenge Problem
176   Challenging Molar Conversion Problems 177   Mole Race WS
178   Mole Ratio WS 179   KCQs -The Mole Ratio
180   Mass to Mass Stoich WS #1 181   Guided Stoich Practice
182   Stoich WS #2 183   Real Life Stoich Examples
184   Free Choice 185   Mixed Stoichiometry Practice
186   Stoichiometry Lab - Data Table
Stoichiometry Lab Conclusion Paragraph
187   Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab
Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab Calculations
Stoichiometry Lab - Lab Procedure
    Work for Benchmark Review Game     Benchmark Review Topics and Skills and Study Plan
    Work for Chunk #1 Review Questions     Chunk #1 Review Questions
    Work for Chunk #2 Review Questions     Chunk #2 Review Questions
    Stoichiometry Practice Test     Mole highway drawn from memory
    Unit #8 - THERMOCHEMISTRY     Cross Cutting Concepts
    Fold up - your design on the important things from p. 205 notes     KCQ - Intro to Thermochemistry
    Thermochemistry Vocabulary Activity     Thermochemistry Vocabulary
    Specific Heat WS #1     a. KCQ - Specific Heat
b. Table of Specific Heats
    Specific Heat WS #2     Specific Heat Reading
    Specific Heat Lab Calculations
Design your own specific heat problems
Lab Questions
    Specific Heat of Brass Lab
    Conceptual Specific Heat Worksheet page 2     Conceptual Specific Heat Worksheet page 1
    Three calorimetry problems     Extra Specific Heat Practice WS
    Graph for Heating Curve Diagram Lab
Student Sample Data
    Heating Curve Diagram Lab
    Heating Curve of Water     KCQ - Heating Curves
Heating Curve Section Definitions
    Heating Curve Calculations WS #1
    Heating Curve Calculation Notes
Notes Filled Out
    Eight Practice Problems - Also two that you picked and made into longer problems and then solved.     Heating Curve Concept WS
    Thermochemistry Review Questions     Modern Marvels Dynamite Notes
Bing-Bing-Toe Questions #1-15
    Unit #9 - Kinetics and Equilibrium     Cross Cutting Concepts
    Venn Diagram
Copy Change Poem
    KCQ - Thermo vs Kinetics
    Reaction Diagram Symbol and Analogies Chart     KCQ - Reaction Diagrams (Done in flippy format) Inside - Outside
    Rate Affecting Factors Pop-Up     KCQ - Rate Affecting Factors
Video Clip
    Molarity Worksheet     a) KCQ - Molarity
b) Molarity Questions for notes
    Rate Expression Worksheet     KCQ - Rate Expressions
    Rate Expression Calculation WS     Rate Expression Calculations
    Rate Affecting Facros Data Table and Post Lab Questions     Rate Affecting Factors Pre Lab
Rate Affecting Factors Lab Instructions
    Equilibrium Videos     Intro to Equilibrium Notes
    Le Chatelier's Principle WS     Equilibrium Problem Chart Notes
Filled out Notes
    Le Chatelier's Principle WS #2     Equilibrium Notes Continued
    Equilibrium Shifting Chart Practice #2     Equilibrium Shifting Chart Practice
    Spring Final Review Topic List     Cross Cutting Topics Summary Page
    Questions from Review Posters
(11 questions total)
    Notes from Review Posters (11 posters total)
(Reivew Poster Instructions)
    Work for Problem Set #1     Problem Set #1
    Work for Problem Set #2     Problem Set #2
    Work for Problem Set #3     Problem Set #3
    Work for Problem Set #4     Problem Set #4
    Work for Problem Set #5     Problem Set #5
    Self Directed Review Evidence     Self Directed Review Evidence
    Mini Topic Presentation Project - Images     Mini Topic Presentation Project Instructions
    5 Student Created Questions     Acids and Bases Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     pH Calculations Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Nuclear Power Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Concentration Calculations Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Electrochemistry Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Chemsitry Professions Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Chemistry of Space Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     Chemistry of Food Notes
    5 Student Created Questions     pH Calculation Notes
          Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear Energy Calculations     RN - Creating Nuclear Energy
    Pros and Cons Research     TED Talk on Nuclear Energy
    Argumentative Paragraph
Example, Rubric
    Argumentative Writing - Informal, Formal